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"Cyber security is not just about technology, it's about people and processes, too." - Richard Clarke

We specialize in providing consulting and advisory services with a unique focus on privacy, information security, and risk management. We have developed innovative and comprehensive approaches to help a number of organizations excel in the areas of privacy, information security, and risk management.

Our team has extensive experience working with companies that are subject to various types of legislation and regulations related to privacy and data protection. Our consultants provide guidance on how to implement policies and procedures that are aligned with these requirements while ensuring compliance with industry standards. We also help clients implement new technologies that can help them meet their regulatory obligations while improving efficiency at the same time.:

Risk management and Security Assessments

  • Threat Risk Assessment (TRA)
  • Technical Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Security Health Check
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Security Program

  • Security Program and Framework Development
  • Security Policy Creation
  • Security Education, Awareness and Training
  • Incident Response and Process Development
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Enterprise Security Architecture, Acquisition and Implementations

  • Enterprise wide information security architecture, plans and design and product deployment
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