Assessment and Compliance

Our Offering

At AIM, under the specialized cybersecurity brand Arancia, we offer an extensive portfolio of Assessment and Compliance services designed to fortify your digital assets. Each service aims to identify vulnerabilities, manage risks, and ensure your business complies with the ever-evolving industry regulations. Here are the key services under this category:

  1. Cybersecurity Risk Assessments: We carry out comprehensive risk assessments of your organization’s security controls and maturity, considering industry standards and regulations. This includes threat risk assessments, enterprise maturity assessments, and enterprise readiness assessments against ransomware and other advanced persistent threats.
  2. Technical Vulnerability Assessments: Our experts identify and evaluate the security vulnerabilities in your network, systems, and applications, providing a clear understanding of your security posture and potential risks.
  3. Penetration Testing: Through simulated real-world attacks, we evaluate your organization's security strengths and weaknesses. Our Penetration Testing services cover applications, mobile platforms, infrastructure, and cloud environments.
  4. Cloud Security Assessment & Monitoring: We assess your cloud environments on AWS, Azure & GCP to ensure they are secure, compliant, and optimized. This service provides you with continuous oversight of your cloud operations.
  5. Firewall Security Review: Our team assesses your firewall configurations and rules to identify and remediate potential security gaps.
  6. Compliance Audits: Our experts assist you in achieving compliance with industry standards like SOC 2 Type I and Type II, ISO 27001, and various regulations including PCI-DSS, PHIPA, PIPEDA, GDPR, OSFI, and FSRA.
  7. Cybersecurity Program Maturity Assessments: We evaluate the effectiveness and maturity of your cybersecurity program, providing actionable insights and recommendations for improvement.
  8. API 360 Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive API capability and maturity assessment to help businesses mature and build using our API 360 framework.

By harnessing the power of these services, AIM's Arancia can guide your organization to a more secure and compliant digital environment. Trust Arancia to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity and ensure your digital assets are resilient against today's cyber threats.